The 3600 Series Retrofit digital printing platform offers an industry-leading combination of high print quality, fast job production, and low equipment cost. The 3600 Series Retrofit is an ideal print production solution for label converters looking to add full color digital inkjet printing to their existing flexographic press, and make use of their tooling inventory.


With Colordyne’s digital color printing platforms, not only will you see the cost-savings, you will also be the leader in production efficiency and flexibility.

In The News

  • John J.W. Fallon III, Glenoaks Food, Inc.

    “Having this flexibility is very crucial to my business. When we have a regulation issue, or if a customer makes a special request, we need to respond. The reason why digital printing is better is because it’s faster, and I think it looks better. It definitely saves us a lot in labor and speeds up the whole process. It gives us control over what we’re doing. We’re very pleased with our Colordyne printers.”

    John J.W. Fallon III, Glenoaks Food, Inc.
  • Mike Williams, Gulf States Label

    The savings and value of this Retrofit, paired with all of the new business we’re bidding on – and winning – has been adding up quickly making this one of our best investments in years.

    Mike Williams, Gulf States Label
  • Dave Lass, Nasco

    By the time my competitors start printing their labels, I have thousands done and in the hands of my people applying them to packaging, and our products are out the door on the trucks because of our Colordyne 1600 Series C.

    Dave Lass, Nasco
  • Bob Hakman, Diversified Labeling Solutions

    The Colordyne hit all my criteria… The press has been a solid workhorse since its arrival and I have not had any regrets with my purchase decision.

    Bob Hakman, Diversified Labeling Solutions