Colordyne's Full Suite of Digital Solutions

Inkjet printing allows businesses to keep up with modern consumer demands like rapidly available and personalized products. With a digital inkjet retrofit, customers can bring on new business and offer value-added services, which enables them to reach their ROI in less time.

2800 Series AP - Retrofit

The Colordyne 2800 Series AP – Retrofit allows users to enhance their existing finishing systems, web handling equipment and production lines running under 150 feet per minute with cost-effective aqueous pigment inkjet printing. Adding full color digital inkjet capabilities to existing equipment is a fast and efficient way to create a more flexible production environment.

2800 Series AP - Retrofit
3800 Series AP - Retrofit Open Hood

3800 Series AP - Retrofit

The Colordyne 3800 Series AP – Retrofit, powered by Memjet’s DuraLink printhead technology, offers affordable and flexible print production for label converters and print providers looking to add digital print capabilities to their production. This aqueous pigment inkjet retrofit can be quickly and easily retrofitted onto an existing web handling system or flexo press. Users are able to print short-run jobs and variable data digitally while using all existing tooling and fishing capabilities on the press.

3800 Series UV - Retrofit

Colordyne’s 3800 Series UV – Retrofit is an inkjet print engine that provides users a cost-effective way to expand their production capabilities. Label converters and brand owners can add UV curable inkjet technology to both new and existing analog equipment. This creates a UV inkjet printer or hybrid printer that offers benefits like durable digital printing, variable data capabilities and affordable versioning for label and packaging applications.

3600 Series UV-Retrofit

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