Retired Colordyne Printers

Explore Colordyne’s legacy digital label machine options. Legacy Colordyne printers are offered through its pre-owned equipment program. Learn more about each printer and press or visit our current product page for all currently available systems.

1600 Series C

1600 Series C

Entry-level digital benchtop label and tag printer.

1600 Series S

Entry-level benchtop sheet-fed printers for envelopes and documents. 

2600 Series Mini Press

Commercial class roll-to-roll digital label and tag printer.

2600 Series Digital Print Module (AQ)

Commercial class digital printer for custom integration projects. 

bag printer

2600 Series Digital Overprinter

Light production digital printer with conveyor for bags, boxes and bubble envelopes. 

2800 Series Mini Laser Pro

Light production digital printer with in-line lamination and laser die cutting. 

2800 Series Mini Laser Finishing

2800 Series Mini Laser Finishing System

Finishing system for off-line or near-line label production. Can be paired with a roll-to-roll printer. 

3600 Series Sprint

Production class roll-to-roll inkjet printer for high-quality label and tag printing at high speeds. 

3600 Series In-Line Finishing

Production class in-line digital printer with custom finishing options including laser or rotary die cutting.