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Custom Solutions

Other companies sell digital printers. Colordyne sells digital print solutions.

Integrate Digital Print. Create a Customized All-in-One Solution.

You devote your time and energy to building amazing technology for your business. You want to provide your customers the best products for their needs.

What can digital print add to your current manufacturing or packaging systems?

Integrating a digital print engine into your products allows you to offer your customers more than just a piece of the puzzle – you can equip them with a complete production solution. Colordyne provides affordable, best-in-class digital printing technology across a range of production levels that can be incorporated with existing products to create a new custom solution. We understand the engineering and retailing processes, and know what it takes to create custom solutions with the end user in mind. Combine your technology with our expertise to create a new, all-in-one solution.

Digital Print + Applicator Packaging Line

Seamlessly add digital print capabilities into your current workflow. Colordyne’s modular approach and integration expertise allows us to enhance existing packaging lines with in-line digital label production and label application. Print on-demand for greater production speed and flexibility, while eliminating pre-printed label inventories. Plus, have the ability to create unlimited label design variations and integrate late-stage customization.

Print Solution: 2600 Series Overprinter (Digital Print Module)

Digital Print + Applicator

Print and apply capabilities create a seamless path for your end-to-end production. We have worked with companies to enhance their current production lines as well as to supply print and apply systems through our partner companies.

Print Solution: 2600 Series Overprinter (Digital Print Module)

Digital Print + Feeder

Manufacturing unique products and packaging often requires unique solutions. If your technology caters to envelopes, labels or other packaging that needs more than a standard conveyor table with pre-printed material, you can integrate our digital print technology into your system for a total production solution. The versatility of your feeder plus the affordability of our print engine can offer end users a total solution to quickly reach their ROI.

Print Solution: 2600 Series Overprinter (DPM)

Digital Print + Flexo Press

Increase your printing capabilities by retrofitting a digital print engine onto your existing flexo press. Produce labels with digital, flexo or hybrid printing technology all on the same press. Retrofitting can be customized to meet a wide range of applications, including dual-wide and duplex production.

Print Solution: 3600 Seried UV – Retrofit
Print Solution: 3600 Series AQ – Retrofit

Complete Your Solution with Digital Print

Learn more about what you can do with your existing solutions and our technology.

Create a More Efficient Production Process

 The digital printer market is saturated with out-of-the-box products that force businesses to make their existing operation and investments work around a digital printer. We know there is a better way. We work with you to integrate a digital print solution into your current business and help improve your entire production process.



Print Labels

Apply Labels


Invest in a solution that works with your workflow, not against it.

Already have an applicator, production line or finishing system, and need to add the missing piece?

Digital print is an integral part of today’s packaging. Producing short run label and tag quantities has never been easier or more affordable than with digital print capabilities. It allows for custom and personalized packaging to be printed in-line and on-demand for seamless integration into your ideal workflow.

  • Process Improvement
  • Perfect Fit
  • Low Capital Cost
  • Top Performance
Inquire about a custom digital print solution for your business today!

Create a more integrated workflow by adding in-line digital print capabilities. Let our engineers design a customized digital print solution for your business needs.