3800 SERIES UV -

Digital Hybrid UV Inkjet Printer Enhancement

Improve Print Production with a UV Curable Inkjet Print Solution

Colordyne’s 3800 Series UV – Retrofit is an inkjet print engine that provides users a cost-effective way to expand their production capabilities. Label converters and brand owners can add UV curable inkjet technology to both new and existing analog equipment. This creates a UV inkjet printer or hybrid printer that offers benefits like durable digital printing, variable data capabilities and affordable versioning for label and packaging applications.

Second Generation UV Inkjet Technology

Colordyne’s 3800 Series UV – Retrofit was redesigned to deliver enhanced usability, quality and functionality. The automated vertical lift chassis makes the system easier to use and quicker for new operators to learn how to run the system. Features like pinning between each color channel and updated ink delivery systems provide higher-quality print production with greater reliability. 


Quicker and easier daily operation through automated functions including print positioning and optional automated maintenance module.

UV Curable Inkjet

Enhanced label durability including light and water fastness.

User Replaceable Printhead

Streamlined design offering user-replaceable consumables.

UV Inkjet Applications

Why Choose UV Inkjet?


Colordyne Technologies’ UV inkjet printers provide industry-leading print speeds and resolution for label and packaging production. Label converters and brand owners can produce labels at resolutions up to 600 x 600 dpi while running 246 ft/min (75 m/min). Plus, UV inks offer enhanced durability for industrial and outdoor applications needing fade and water resistance.


Retrofitting a UV inkjet printer from Colordyne onto existing equipment provides a lower capital investment option for converters and brand owners looking to add digital production to their business for the first time. Plus, the 3800 Series UV – Retrofit easily integrates with existing tooling and finishing equipment that has already been invested in.


Reduce setup and changeover times by printing variable text, images and data digitally, while printing static content with a traditional flexo process. This digital hybrid UV inkjet combination creates a powerful tool for label converters and delivers a quicker ROI.

Durable Labels

UV inkjet is ideal for labels needing light fastness, water fastness and rub resistnace.

CMYK + White

Print full color labels plus the option to print with white inkjet ink.

Fast Print Speeds

Print at speeds up to 246 ft/min to keep up with flexo print production.

Cost-Effective Short Runs

Affordably print labels in any quantity with variable data and personalization.

Technical Specifications


246 ft/min (75 m/min)


600 x 600 dpi


4.25 (108 mm)
8.5" (216 mm)
12.75" (324 mm)
17" (432 mm)


CMYK + White (optional)


Installation Dependent


46 in. x 64 in. x 53 in.
(1,168 mm x 1,626 mm x 1,346 mm)

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