Digital Hybrid Printing with a Retrofit

Colordyne‘s 3800 Series provides multi-printhead retrofit print engines using the latest in aqueous pigment, aqueous dye and UV/LED technology for digital hybrid printing. Print engines can be retrofitted onto existing equipment to add digital print capabilities to an analog production label press or web handling system. Production label printers offer high-resolution and fast production speeds for affordable short run printing.

Colordyne is focused on providing continued innovation, made possible through modular printing platforms. The 3800 Series production label printers are designed to be economically upgraded as future product enhancements become available. This approach provides a flexible and responsive long-term investment in digital color label and tag production.

3800 Series UV - Retrofit

Colordyne’s 3800 Series UV – Retrofit inkjet print engine provides a cost-effective way to expand production capabilities with digital hybrid printing. This UV production label printer offers enhanced durability for label and tag applications.

Digital Hybrid Printing with the 3800 Series AP-Retrofit

3800 Series AP - Retrofit

Colordyne’s 3800 Series AP (aqueous pigment) – Retrofit delivers affordability, flexibility and scalability for a fast and dependable ROI. Ten times longer printhead life, superior print resolution and enhanced durability through aqueous pigment inks differentiate this digital print engine from other production label press solutions.

3800 Series AQ - Retrofit​

Colordyne’s 3800 Series AQ (aqueous dye) – Retrofit offers an affordable and responsive investment in digital hybrid printing. Our AQ printing platforms offer a cost-effective solution for short-run production on existing analog production label press equipment. 

3800 Series AQ-Retrofit


Looking for more information or not sure which digital print solution is right for your business? Get in touch with us, on of our team members would be happy to assist you.

Looking for a Benchtop Printer or Entry-Level Retrofit?​

1800 Series-C

1800 Series

Entry-level benchtop printer for label and tag production.

2800 Series

Light-production retrofit for in-line printing or packaging line integration.