2800 SERIES AP -

Light Production Inkjet Print Enhancement

Affordable And Flexible Aqueous Pigment Light Production Printer

The Colordyne 2800 Series AP – Retrofit allows users to enhance their existing finishing systems, web handling equipment and production lines running under 150 feet per minute with cost-effective aqueous pigment inkjet printing. Adding full color digital inkjet capabilities to existing equipment is a fast and efficient way to create a more flexible production environment.

This entry level inkjet retrofit increases the value of current assets with minimal disruption to business operations. Plus, the 2800 Series AP – Retrofit’s increased media compatibility and 2.4 pL drop size can help reduce costs typically incurred with other water-based digital printers.

2800 Series AP - Retrofit - Light production inkjet

CMYK Aqueous Pigment Inkjet

Print full color labels with enhanced durability.

Increased Print Widths

Single printhead offers 12.75" print widths and multiple printheads can be stitched together.

Longer Printhead Life

Powered by Memjet's DuraFlex technology offering longer printhead life.

Durable & Versatile Entry Level Inkjet

The 2800 Series AP – Retrofit, powered by Memjet® DuraFlex printhead technology, delivers cost-effective quality through 2x nozzle redundancy, precision drop architecture and longer printhead life. Plus, this entry-level inkjet retrofit uses aqueous pigment inks for greater versatility and durability through enhanced water fastness, light fastness and rub resistance. 

This light production inkjet retrofit from Colordyne allows users to improve the quality and market reach of their digital print production with expanded media options, including coated and uncoated substrates, compatible with more applications.

Quick Integration

This retrofit can be mounted onto your existing web handling system quickly and with minimum disruption to your business operations.


Affordably add full color digital printing to your operations to take advantage of trends like mass customization.

High Quality

Print up to 1600 dpi for high quality labels with Memjet's DuraFlex printhead technology.

Durable Pigment Inkjet

Aqueous pigment inkjet printing provides enhanced durability through water fastness, light fastness and rub resistance.

Technical Specifications


150 ft/min (45 m/min) normal mode
90 ft/min (27 m/min) premium mode


1600 x 1600 dpi


12.75" in (324 mm)​




Installation Dependent


19.7 in. x 32.7 in. x 24.3 in.
(500 mm x 830 mm x 617 mm)

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