Scalable, High Speed, Small Footprint, Decentralized, Process Color

Colordyne’s 1800 Series is a compact inkjet printer designed to be configured for continuous roll or sheetfed applications. This industrial benchtop is capable of printing process color at a high-resolution of 1600 dpi and speeds up to 60 fpm (18 mpm). The size, cost, and performance of the 1800 Series printers make them the perfect option for first time digital users or companies leveraging a series of printers for in-plant print production, late-stage customization, or secondary product marking.  

1800 Series-C

1800 Series C

Continuous Roll Printer

Designed for roll, web, or pre-die cut label applications, the 1800 Series C can be configured to support print-to-cut, roll to roll, fanfold, and integration into secondary finishing equipment.

1800 Series S

Sheet-Fed Printer

Designed with a flat unobstructed print path the 1800 Series S delivers crisp, clean print quality on a wide variety of media up to 10.5-inch wide and 0.4-inch thick. Easily print on 10-inch by 13-inch flats, on mailers up to 10.5-inch by 17-inch, and on stuffed envelopes, chipboard, corrugated cardboard, folding cartons and more.

Higher Volume Production Needs?

3800 Series

Production-level retrofits add inkjet print capabilities to existing presses and web handling systems. 

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