Xitron Developed User Interface for Colordyne’s 2800 Series AP – Retrofit

Xitron Developed User Interface for Colordyne's 2800 Series AP - Retrofit

Xitron, a developer of intuitive, productive and affordable prepress software and RIP products, developed the user interface (UI) for Colordyne’s 2800 Series AP – Retrofit. The new UI delivers an intelligent, straightforward operating system consisting of intuitive buttons for ease of use, variable data capabilities and fast RIP speeds to maximize the engine’s efficiency. While using the software, all the applications are available on a single screen eliminating the need to open multiple windows.

This new, user-friendly UI is also web-based, which allows for easy access from remote working and support locations. The UI development for the 2800 Series AP – Retrofit, Powered by Memjet, is different than past projects because Xitron not only provided the direct front end (DFE) but also engine controls. This means that through the UI, users receive real-time feedback during engine performance and can access job information including image resolution, printer state, color matching and more.

Xitron UI for the 2800 Series AP - Retrofit

Xitron and Colordyne’s Partnership

Colordyne is the first OEM working with Xitron to develop a UI for label and tag production systems using Memjet’s DuraFlex printhead technology.

Karen Crews, President of Xitron said, “Colordyne provided continuous feedback during the development of the 2800 Series AP – Retrofit UI including testing and change requests for the application interface.” She also mentioned, “this experience has strengthened our partnership with Colordyne, and we look forward to continuing our successful business relationship.”

The new UI is also easily brandable for Colordyne’s SIPs integrating the ChromaPlex LT print engine into their presses and print solutions. This makes the UI instantly marketable by those SIPs. Currently, Colordyne and Xitron are working together on customized solutions and next-generation projects coming to the market soon.

Colordyne’s Engineering Director, John Urban said, “Our strategic partnership with Xitron allowed us to speed up the software development process.” Urban added,  “Xitron worked directly with our team to create and deliver a UI that fits the needs of the 2800 Series AP – Retrofit and our customers. The Colordyne team provided the technical specifications and software testing to support a collaborative design effort. We are happy with how the UI turned out and look forward to future projects with Xitron.”

Working together since 2013, Colordyne and Xitron combine their expertise and customer-focused approach to develop, test and bring products to market with productive UIs. Along with the 2800 Series AP – Retrofit, Xitron’s DFEs with spot color matching ability also drive Colordyne’s 2600 Series and 3600 Series high-speed digital inkjet printers. Aftermarket solutions for the 1600 Series C and 1800 Series C models are available as well.

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