Veltek’s Core2Print System Delivers On-Demand Cleanroom Documentation

Veltek's Core2Print System Delivers On-Demand Cleanroom Documentation

Veltek Associates Inc. (VAI), a trusted manufacturer for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare industries from Malvern, PA, produces its patented Core2Print cleanroom documentation printing system for customers that need to meet requirements in controlled manufacturing areas. The Core2Print system uses a 1600 Series S digital benchtop printer from Colordyne Technologies for on-demand inkjet production. 

For over forty years, VAI has pioneered the design and manufacturing of hundreds of cleanroom solutions that help customers with contamination control. VAI customers are focused on eliminating contamination in their production environments and assuring sterility in their products. The Core2Print supports these goals by affordably modernizing the printing method required to sterilize documentation within aseptic manufacturing environments.

Veltek's Core2Print
Veltek's Core2Print System

Improving Productivity

Kevin McMurtrie, Global Business Manager at VAI said, “The Core2Print is an innovative technology that helps our customers improve productivity and cost-saving margins by reducing interruptions in the cleanroom.” 

McMurtrie continued, “Before the Core2Print, documents were printed outside the classified area. Users had to exit the cleanroom, remove cleanroom garments, retrieve the printed documents and wipe the documents down. Then, they needed to re-gown and prepare to enter the cleanroom again. Our Core2Print system eliminates all of these steps helping our customers save time and money.” 

VAI’s Core2Print is a sheet fed, high speed, high quality digital printer that can be paired with VAI’s sterile cellulose-free CleanPrint 10 inkjet receptive substrate, which offers chemical and smudge resistance. The speed and industrial capabilities of the 1600 Series S allow customers to print large batch records or standard operating procedures (SOPs) without having to frequently reload paper or change ink cartridges.

Reducing Risk of Cross Contamination

The design of the Colordyne 1600 Series S further reduces potential contamination. The printer’s fast drying water-based dye ink and thermal printhead powered by Memjet do not release particulates into the air, which also supports the risk the potential for contamination. 

The Core2Print system allows documentation required in the controlled areas to be signaled to print from outside of the cleanroom. The unit’s exterior is constructed of 316L stainless steel with Lexan windows for durability and a clear view of the Colordyne 1600 Series S printer in use. The stainless-steel cabinet that encases the printer protects it and allows users to completely disinfect and sterilize the exterior of the unit. 

McMurtrie said, “The Colordyne 1600 Series S is the perfect match for our Core2Print system and our customers’ cleanroom requirements. They have the documentation they need, where they need it. Plus, working with the Colordyne team, including technicians, has been great for VAI and our customers, who they’ve assisted in training and setup.”

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VAI’s Core2Print unit produces rich colors at full bleed and excels in printing readable small fonts and sharp barcodes. Core2Print, among other of the company’s products, are used at over 500 pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations worldwide. For more information about the Core2Print visit

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