Top Five Reasons to Retrofit

Top Five Reasons to Retrofit

Short Run. Versioning. Personalization. These are a few of the buzz words used to convey the value of digital printing for label converters. There is no denying that digital print is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury to keep up with market trends. For label converters, incorporating digital print in an efficient and cost-effective way is critical for the successful adoption of this technology. 

There are numerous press options on the market and each offers various printing and finishing capabilities. A standalone press can be the right choice for a label converter, but at Colordyne Technologies, we take a different approach. We offer retrofittable digital print solutions that work with the flexo presses or web handling systems a converter already owns.


Why do we offer retrofits instead of standalone solutions? We’d love to tell you our top five reasons for using this method, although we guarantee there are many more!

#5 No Floor Space Required

Okay, we may require a little floor space, but we will come back to that. We know that floor space in your pressroom is extremely valuable and can be difficult to find when purchasing a standalone unit. By retrofitting, we mount the print engine onto an existing press already on your floor. So, there is no need to move around the equipment or decide which machine to get rid of to make room for your digital press.  

We may need floor space for ink and electronics, depending on where you want to put them. Some of our customers choose to mount ink racks above the press to minimize this requirement. 

#4 Use Your Existing Assets

A flexo press is an extremely versatile tool. In addition to flexo printing, many can pre-coat, varnish, laminate, die cut and offer specialty finishing options. By retrofitting a digital print engine onto this versatile tool, label converters can increase their production capabilities while continuing to use their existing assets. This not only includes the flexo press, but also any plates, dies and other ancillary equipment compatible with the press. Let’s not forget to mention that all of the flexo stations remain usable, which means converters can print flexo, digital and hybrid on one single piece of equipment.  

Download our guide to hybrid to learn more. 

#3 Self-Maintainable with Less Downtime

When a press is down it’s not generating revenue. A press can be down for routine maintenance, system errors or mechanical issues. We’ve designed our retrofits to be self-maintainable. This means an operator can replace printheads and other consumables on their own in minutes.  

They can also clear system errors and fix minor mechanical issues with the help of our online and phone support teams. Most of the time support and maintenance requests can be addressed the same day, without incurring travel costs to have a technician at your facility.  

#2 Lower Capital Investment

Retrofitting can offer a lower capital investment because you are only paying for the digital print engine. There’s no need to duplicate analog printing, web handling or finishing capabilities already available in your facility. You get all the benefits of digital printing without paying for assets you do not need.  

#1 Sustainable Choice

As we mentioned, retrofitting gives new life to existing equipment. This helps re-use underutilized or dated presses instead of completely replacing them with a new system. Remember: reduce, reuse, recycle! 

Plus, technology is continuously changing, and our print engines are designed with future upgrades in mind. This upgradability supports a circular economy environment by extending the equipment’s life. Bonus: these upgrades can be done without major disruptions to your current operations.  

To read more about how our print engines can play a role in your sustainability efforts, download our ebook. 

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