Selecting the Right Digital Solution

By: Taylor Buckthorpe, Director of Market Development, Colordyne Technologies

The print industry is progressively going digital. Whether its labels, envelopes, boxes or promotional material – every category is migrating toward the digital trend. Selecting the right digital solution for your business can be a complicated, and at times confusing, decision. Most companies do not fully understand how to assess what the right solution is to meet their needs. At Colordyne, we start our customers off with the basics and work with them to find their right-fit solution.

At the core of your digital decision is run length and production volume. Digital solutions are great for producing affordable short runs with variable data and personalization, but “short run” has a different meanings for a lot of businesses. Once you identify your ideal run length and volume produced per day, selecting a digital printer becomes a lot more manageable. We break our customers’ short run total volumes it into three easy to navigate categories:

  • Entry level, low-volume: Industrial Class
  • Mid-range, intermediate-volume: Commercial Class
  • Production level, high-volume: Production Class
Industrial Class Printers

Known as the 1600 Series at Colordyne, our industrial class printers are ideal for printing quantities up to 250 linear feet per job with high resolutions of 1600 x 1600 dpi and speeds up to 60 feet per minute (18 m/min).  Brand owners, private label manufacturers and label converters looking to bring digital label printing in-house for the first time find their ideal industrial class solution to be the 1600 Series C. It easily prints on-demand short run prime labels in roll-to-roll, roll-to-cut and fan fold, making for quick set-up and change-over between jobs. Colleges, universities, mail houses and envelope manufactures find value in the 1600 Series S, designed for personalizing and branding back office documents, envelope messaging, and promotional material printing.

Commercial Class Printers

Colordyne’s Commercial Class, or 2600 Series, includes the 2600 Series Mini Press, a mid-range roll-to-roll printing platform, and the 2600 Series DPM (Digital Print Module) that can be mounted on any moving platform. Great for run lengths up to 2,500 linear feet per job or version, the Mini Press, like the industrial class, prints high resolutions of 1600 x 1600 dpi at speeds up to 60 feet per minute (18 m/min). The Mini Press is ideal for printing high resolution full color labels, tickets and tags, while the DPM is a flexible over-printing system that can print on both flat objects such as unfolded boxes and bags, as well as thick objects like blister envelopes and folded boxes ready for shipment.Colordyne Digital Printers

Production Class Printers

The 3600 Series is our Production Class offering, with the highest print quantity and production volume capabilities – between 4,000 and 7,000 linear feet per run. The production class includes our 3600 Series Retrofit and 3600 Series Sprint solutions. The Retrofit is an ideal print production solution for label converters looking to add full color digital inkjet printing to their existing flexographic press, yet still make use of their tooling inventory. It offers an industry-leading combination of high quality print, fast job production, and low equipment cost. The Sprint allows brand owners, private label manufacturers and label converters to produce the highest quality labels and packaging without sacrificing productivity. Its modular configuration is designed to integrate a wide range of in-line finishing options that allows each user to address their specific label and packaging application needs. 

We know many factors – application, speed, resolution – affect the decision making process when it comes to digital print. But identifying your necessary run-length and production volume is an easy starting point when looking for your right-fit digital solution. At Colordyne, we have specifically designed our suite of solutions to allow you to start with the product that works best for your current business. Then, when your production needs grow, we have the capability to grow with you – without disrupting your existing business.

About Colordyne

Colordyne Technologies is a leading manufacturer of efficient, high resolution digital print solutions powered by Memjet technologies. Since 2011, Colordyne has been committed to providing on-demand color inkjet printers for a wide range of applications and industries at breakthrough speeds and cost effectiveness. Colordyne’s wide range of digital color platforms – from industrial benchtop color printers, mailing and over-printing solutions, to complete in-line finishing production presses – demonstrate Colordyne’s specialization in scalability of the industry’s most versatile products.