PLS expands its services, gains new customers with Colordyne’s Production Class Rotary Pro Digital Printer

The notion of running short run labels for customers with multiple SKUs was never on Frank Bobick’s radar.

As the marketing and business development manager of Process Label Systems, Inc. (PLS), a custom converter based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Bobick surmised that these types of orders simply didn’t fit his company’s flexographic printing business model – and he was right.

“Imagine someone has 10 different items, all with four-color process artwork, and they only want a few hundred of each,” Bobick said. “If you gave them a price for that job using traditional flexographic printing, their jaws would hit the floor. This is the kind of work we wouldn’t even bother to quote.”

But times have changed, and PLS is quoting short run work these days, thanks to their Colordyne Technologies’ Production Class Rotary Pro, installed in late 2011. The full-featured digital label and tag production system offers complete inline printing, laminating, varnishing (aqueous or UV), rotary die cutting and rewinding.  Embracing the power of digital label printing is opening up new streams of business for converters like PLS by giving them the platform and tools to make it profitable to say ‘yes’ to customers with short runs.

Customers throughout the United States know PLS for its printing, converting and design services. It offers promotional products, primary labels, and custom converted products for a variety of industries, including automotive, airline, industrial, security, and food and beverage. In addition, the Production Class Rotary Pro digital printer has allowed PLS to accept new jobs and expand its service offerings to its customers.pic 2

Some of the industries PLS now serves include organic health, beauty and craft brewing. Bobick said some of those customers may only require a few thousand labels annually, but those may include several different designs. Additionally, the explosion of craft beers has been a particular boon for PLS, as those types of labels are a perfect fit for digital printing. Typical PLS customers have short runs that are multi-SKU – some up to 30 different designs and layouts.

“Craft brewers are making some of the craziest looking labels with their designs and names,” Bobick said. “If you did these types of orders on a traditional flexo, you’d have so many plate costs and set up charges on the initial run that it would cost more than the labels themselves. The Colordyne press is outstanding for the kinds of jobs we would have turned down in the past.”

Colordyne’s Production Class Rotary Pro is ideal for converters like PLS because it gives them the resolution and speed needed to produce short run work. Printing capabilities include:

  • Enhanced print quality
  • Increased resolution of 1600 x 1375 dpi
  • Drastically reduced RIP times
  • Speeds up to 335 feet per minute (102 m/min)
  • User-friendly interface

Colordyne digital color inkjet printers are powered by Memjet technology. In comparison to other digital printing technologies, Memjet color printheads allow for fine type, smooth gradients, bold solid fill color areas, variable data, and the most complex images to be produced at the highest quality.

Bobick said it has been a smart business decision to embrace digital printing, and his bottom line reflects that.

“Installing our Colordyne Rotary Pro has brought us new business,” he said. “It has introduced us to some customers that we otherwise would have had to walk away from. My advice to converters would be to stop thinking about it and not be afraid of switching to digital printing. If you’re hesitating, you will be left in the dust by your competitors who are going digital.”pic4