Introducing the 2800 Series AP – Retrofit for Label and Tag Production

Add Digital Print to Existing Analog Equipment 

Our newest product, the 2800 Series AP – Retrofit is a compact, single-pass print engine that can be retrofitted onto existing analog equipment. This allows presses, web handling or finishing systems and production lines to incorporate the benefits of full color inkjet printing while maintaining its original functionality. Benefits include faster turnaround times, on-demand production and affordable short runs. The 2800 Series AP – Retrofit offers lower equipment costs, wider width and higher print quality for label and tag production running under 150 feet (45 meters) per minute. 

Quality and Durability

The 2800 Series AP – Retrofit, powered by Memjet’s DuraFlex technology, delivers superior print quality through its precision drop architecture and 2x nozzle redundancy at 1600 by 1600 dpi resolution.  The use of aqueous pigment inkjet inks offers enhanced durability including  greater water fastness, light fastness and rub resistance while maintaining the qualities of water-based inkjet, like food and beverage safety. Plus, this solution is able to work with a wider variety of materials including coated and uncoated substrates.

Affordable and Scalable

“The development of the 2800 Series AP – Retrofit was driven by printers looking to optimize existing finishing and web handling equipment with a cost-effective and compact solution,” said John Urban, Director of Engineering at Colordyne. “We also anticipated the need for a retrofit that could be easily integrated into production lines or print and apply solutions. With in-line full color inkjet printing, brands can produce unique product labels on-demand and integrate variable data capabilities.” 

Setting this solution apart from other light production systems is its wider print width of 12.75 inches (324 millimeters) from a single A3+ printhead. Additionally, the 2800 Series AP – Retrofit is uniquely designed for quick, low-cost integration with minimal disruption to current business operations.

“Our 2800 Series AP – Retrofit uses the latest thermal inkjet technology on the market, which allows us to deliver a unique product to our customers,” said Urban. “By developing an entry-level retrofit using aqueous pigment inkjet, we’ve created greater scalability in our label and tag product portfolio. When users decide they need faster speeds to meet higher volume production demands, they can move into our 3600 Series AP – Retrofit without changing the quality of their output.” 

Want to Learn More?

Visit the 2800 Series AP – Retrofit product page, or email us today to learn more details about the new aqueous pigment retrofit.

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