Maximize your investment with inkjet technology

Choosing the right method to invest in digital inkjet capabilities is more important than ever in today’s rapidly changing market.

Most new digital inkjet presses come with a web handling system installed as one integrated, in-line machine – offering a range of the same finishing options that are on a converter’s existing press. An in-line digital inkjet solution seems ideal, so buying a complete solution like this may feel like the obvious choice, but this can end up costing converters more money and prevent them from adapting to changing digital technology trends.

Choosing to Retrofit

The other option for converters is to choose to retrofit digital inkjet technology onto their existing web handling system. This opportunity provides the same digital printing benefits as purchasing a complete in-line press, but make use of their current investment.

A Colordyne Print Engine

Colordyne Technologies understands the benefits of providing existing converting equipment new life and additional value for label converters. Colordyne currently offers both a digital aqueous inkjet retrofit solution, the 3600 Series Retrofit, as well as a digital UV inkjet retrofit solution through their newest print engine, the 3600 Series UV – Retrofit. Both solutions provide converters with high-speed digital inkjet technology capable of being retrofitted on current converting equipment.

Aqueous vs. UV Inkjet Technology

Colordyne recognized the growing demand for additional retrofit capabilities. With proven integration techniques and positive customer feedback on the 3600 Series Retrofit aqueous inkjet solution, Colordyne elected to grow its retrofit solutions with the 3600 Series UV – Retrofit.

Offering both solutions allows Colordyne to address the expanding needs of its customers. The 3600 Series Retrofit aqueous solution is ideal for applications requiring high quality, high resolution and fine detail printing, while the 3600 Series UV – Retrofit excels at durable, industrial and flexible packaging applications.

Colordyne’s UV retrofit solution has the capability to print digital CMYK + white at speeds up to 240 feet per minute (73 meters per minute). The 3600 Series UV – Retrofit solution is available in 8.5 inch (216mm) or 12.75 inch (324 mm) print width configurations, providing resolutions of either 600 x 600 dpi or 600 x 1200 dpi.

Colordyne’s aqueous retrofit solution provides CMYK + spot digital inkjet printing at up to 500 feet per minute (152 meters per minute) and 1600 x 1375 dpi. The 3600 Series Retrofit can be customized for users in a variety of configurations, including 8.7 inch (220 mm) and 17 inch (432 mm) print widths.

The Benefits of Retrofitting

Retrofitting is a cost-effective way to leverage all available finishing and decorating equipment, and requires no additional air, exhaust, power or space on the press floor. With seamless integration and low capital cost, converters can quickly and affordably integrate the latest advancements in digital print, increase their overall productivity, enter new markets and produce affordable short runs or long run variable data.


To learn more about retrofitting your press, contact our sales team.


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