“I think almost everything I had previously imagined about the print industry and Colordyne Technologies changed shortly after my2016-02-25 Colordyne BHollo 031 employment” explains Brook Hollo.  Hollo, Application Specialist at Colordyne Technologies “Whatever preconceived notions I had prior to my hiring have been wiped away by all of the knowledgeable industry experts I get to learn from at work as well as at school.”

Hollo, 21 years old, works 28 hours per week at Colordyne Technologies while working toward his Bachelors of Science in Graphic Communications & Print Management. Colordyne offers a flexible work schedule so that he can attend classes.

Andy Matter, Vice President & General Manager at Colordyne Technologies, stressed, “We need to invest in this industry and in quality employees.  It is critical to our business to invest in our most important resource, our people.”

And that investment is paying off.  When asked, Hollo expounds, “My internship opened my eyes to new tactics on how I can better manage myself and add more value to the company. What amazes me most about working for Colordyne Technologies is the agility of a smaller company. Colordyne has the ability to offer in-depth support on all fronts, from sales to engineering, and everywhere in between. What is fascinating is the amount of impact each employee can have on our customers.  The end-to-end quality of support separates us from the pack.”

Colordyne is the leading manufacturer of affordable, high-speed, high resolution label and tag digital color printers for the label converting, private label and brand owner markets. The digital print industry is constantly evolving and investing in new technology and employees that embrace those changes is tantamount to achieving the aggressive growth goals set by the management team.  According to Hollo, “The most enjoyable part about coming to work every day is that I know the odds of me experiencing or learning something new is very high. This provides the ultimate satisfaction because I feel myself progressing alongside the constantly evolving print industry. My combined work and school experience has molded me into someone who strives for excellence in and out of the workplace.”  And, as you can see, it is a win/win for Colordyne Technologies, the digital print industry, and the student– a great investment for all.