G2 I.D. Source: How Hybrid Printing Can Multiply Label Production

G2 I.D. Source is a high-tech packaging solutions provider based in Jacksonville, Florida. The company offers a range of services including wide format, car wrap, window graphic and full-color label printing. Its label production primarily focuses on the pharmaceutical, industrial and food service industries, including a strong presence in the seafood space. This fresh food market demands rapid labels and packaging turnaround time, which G2 I.D. Source’s digital and hybrid print capabilities can deliver.

G2 I.D. Source uses hybrid label printing to increase daily throughput and profitability. The label converter operates a Colordyne 3600 Series AQ – Retrofit, powered by Memjet’s VersaPass printhead technology, mounted onto a flexo press creating a hybrid workflow. With this technology the company can offer faster turnarounds, affordable short runs and greater production flexibility.

Hybrid Printing and Its Benefits

Hybrid printing combines digital printing with traditional flexography. G2 I.D. Source uses low-cost flexo to produce static portions of a label while printing variable text and high-resolution images using the digital inkjet retrofit. This creative combination allows the company to deliver the best possible label needed, at the lowest cost and in less time.

Terry Cochran, Vice President of G2 I.D. Source explains how hybrid printing tremendously changed their business: “It allows us to do so much more in less time. We are able to choose which combination between flexo and digital print provides the highest quality at the best price point for each specific job.” Hybrid printing allows G2 I.D. Source to satisfy customer needs including affordable versioning high quality prototyping and shorter lead times.

The digital capabilities provided by Colordyne’s retrofit increases G2 I.D. Source’s daily throughput and its ROI by reducing labor, setup and changeover times. David Frederick, the president of G2 I.D. Source explained that hybrid printing maximizes the press’ production time during the day, because they can turn a 7-color flexo job into a 3-color hybrid job. Frederick said: “We’re also reducing a tremendous amount of labor and our throughput can double or triple. If I can triple my throughput on a press a day, the ROI is really going to pop out.”

Taylor Buckthorpe, Sales Director at Colordyne Technologies, said G2 I.D. knows that digital and hybrid printing are the future of label production. “Now is the time to add digital capabilities, and companies can see a faster ROI with hybrid production that increases daily productivity and throughput,” said Buckthorpe.

Video: G2 I.D. Source, Triple Your Production with Hybrid Printing

Watch the video to hear from G2 I.D Source and learn about their successful experience with Colordyne’s 3600 Series AQ – Retrofit including how they take advantage of digital and hybrid print capabilities and more.

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Interested in Hybrid Printing?

Label converters and print providers can retrofit a digital print engine onto existing equipment without major disruptions to current operations. Colordyne Technologies offers retrofit options using aqueous dye, aqueous pigment and UV LED inkjet technology. Companies interested in learning more about Colordyne’s retrofit options can email [email protected]

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