Custom Chemical Company Takes Control of Label Production

Custom Chemical Company Takes Control of Label Production

Exacto enjoys improved quality, reduced cost, and a streamlined process.

Custom Products Need Custom Labels  

Founded in 1981, Exacto, Inc. develops innovative technologies that improve the economics of irrigation and pesticide applications. The company creates customized chemical solutions that optimize the conditions in which chemicals, water, and soils can come together to create bountiful croplands and vibrant landscapes.

These customized chemical solutions are created for and distributed by a growing list of Exacto partners. As a result, each product requires a unique label that includes specific chemical information and important instructions for product use. In addition, each product label must include the customer’s unique branding information.

With label demands as complex and varied as these, Exacto has sought a way to efficiently produce high-quality labels at an affordable cost.

A Commitment to Quality

Exacto works with a growing list of distribution partners to create or modify custom and specialty chemical products that are marketed under private label brands. Due to the customized nature of this work, Exacto produces a wide range of products, each requiring its own label.

As a result, Exacto produces over 5,000 SKUs. This translates into 5,600 various labels and twelve different pack sizes. On average, the company produces 7,000–12,000 labels per day.

To produce this large volume of labels, Exacto previously relied on outside suppliers. However, this process was not serving the demands of the growing company.

As Tom Martin, business relationship manager at Exacto, says, “Outsourcing our labels was not only expensive, it also lacked the flexibility we needed to be able to meet the demands of our customers. Most important, the quality of these outsourced labels was just not up to Exacto standards.”

The company set out to find a solution to keep pace with growing demand and increased quality standards. Exacto determined the Colordyne 3600 Series Laser Pro label production system was the ideal way to produce the large volume of high-quality and variable labels necessary.

Changing the Way Labels Are Produced

The Colordyne 3600 Series Laser Pro has completely changed the way Exacto produces labels. This solution has enabled the company to move away from expensive outsourcing options in favor of producing quality, short-run labels right in its own operation.

The Colordyne 3600 Series Laser Pro is a modular, full-feature process color digital label and tag production system powered by Memjet’s Waterfall Printhead Technology™ and streamlined with inline features that include laminating, laser die-cutting, and UV-varnishing.

Combined, these features allow for labels to be produced in a cost-efficient, customizable way while maintaining the quality and durability required by Exacto’s customers.

“One of the biggest reasons we chose the Colordyne 3600 Series Laser Pro is the high level of quality we are able to achieve using this solution. The quality of the labels is truly phenomenal. And, because we produce chemicals that are often used outside, we really value the Laser Pro’s finishing options that let us add UV varnish and laminate to the labels inline. Together, these features make a big impact on our operation,” says Martin.

Meeting Customer Demands

The Colordyne 3600 Series Laser Pro has given Exacto the tools it needs to better service existing customers and expand business.

“After adopting this solution, we can offer our customers services that we had not been able to offer in the past. Now, we no longer need to wait for outside vendors to produce our labels. We have the power to produce exactly what we need when we need it,” says Martin.

For example, the inline finishing capabilities enable Exacto to easily produce quality labels that meet their customer’s strict durability requirements.

In addition, by making use of the laser die cutting capabilities on the Colordyne 3600 Series Laser Pro, Exacto can cut labels in any shape or size, providing the company with greater creative control and flexibility to meet customer requirements.

A Positive Return on Investment

Since transitioning from its previous process of outsourcing labels, Exacto has enjoyed 23 percent savings on label production costs.

The Colordyne 3600 Series Laser Pro has significantly reduced waste from the label production process. Outsourcing label production meant that every label change required scrapping excess labels, resulting in expensive waste. Now, printing labels on demand with the Colordyne 3600 Series Laser Pro enables Exacto to make changes on the fly. This flexibility ensures a high level of uptime that improves the flow of production and speeds up delivery times.

Moreover, printing labels in-house with the Colordyne 3600 Series Laser Pro means that Exacto can buy label rolls in bulk, saving money on material costs.

Martin says, “We produce a massive amount of labels. So when we calculated how much we were saving on a per-label cost, we could immediately see our payback adding up very quickly. In a short amount of time, we were able to experience a positive return on our investment in the Colordyne 3600 Series Laser Pro.”

Additional Revenue Source

Today, with the flexibility and features of the Colordyne 3600 Series Laser Pro, the company can produce a wide range of highly customized labels for its customers. Exacto’s control over the label-making process enhances customers’ products and provides Exacto with a whole new line of business.

“I would definitely recommend this printer to any private label manufacturer out there. It’s a big step up from whatever label solution you are using. Best of all, it will definitely set your product apart from the competition,” concludes Martin.