Durability, Sustainability and Cost Savings. You Don’t Have to Choose.

Durability, Sustainability and Cost Savings. You Don't Have to Choose.

When speaking about adopting inkjet technology, concerns regarding costs, durability and sustainability often arise. Looking at the big picture to better understand overall printing costs can help customers recognize the benefits of digital printing. This includes achieving cost savings while delivering high quality, durable printed products with a lower environmental impact.

Manufacturing paper since the early 1900s, Neenah has a long history in papermaking. Neenah products can be found labeling everything from industrial packaging, like chemical drums, blood and IV bags to retail shelf markers, among other products. Neenah and Colordyne work together to identify substrates from Neenah’s saturated and synthetic label portfolio that are compatible with Colordyne’s aqueous pigment inkjet technology Powered by Memjet®. This partnership allows us to confidently offer a complete production solution to our customers.

Cost Savings

Attributed to the unique way Neenah’s paper and films interact with the inkjet inks, their Endura® brand of durable paper and Kimdura® brand of synthetic paper, both for labels, deliver ink receptibility that reduces costs in multiple ways. One instance is the overall cost of print production. While materials may initially appear more expensive, users can reduce costs by eliminating the top coat or laminate that is typically required when using other substrates. Plus, customers also eliminate the labor costs associated with the setup and execution of coating and laminating, all while speeding up production times.

Kelli Clark, Product Manager, Labels at Neenah points out that, “The cost of the substrate is just one part of the puzzle.” She explains, “By using facestocks like Endura® and Kimdura®,  an over-lamination is not needed in order to offer performance characteristics like chemical resistance. Customers are able to reduce production steps and focus on the success and management of one substrate. There’s no need to add another element into the mix which saves time and money.”


Neenah’s proprietary coatings combined with the base substrates, create durability properties and characteristics that can be achieved without the need for an overlaminate. Kelli shares that, “Both, Kimdura® and Endura® brand of products have exceptional chemical resistance in some of the harshest, most demanding environments. The Endura® branded label is the first and only paper-based label certified for BS5609 – a true statement to the superior durability.”

Many of Neenah’s coatings have been designed alongside inkjet OEM partners, like Colordyne, to ensure compatibility between the OEM’s ink chemistries and Neenah’s label media.


In its 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report, Neenah states “Sustainability planning at Neenah is an ongoing process and long-term commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.” Neenah’s efforts on sustainability start with the responsible sourcing of raw materials and third-party environmental certifications around the production process and product construction. The company is continuously focused on mindful manufacturing to offer an increased likelihood of circularity at the products’ end of life.

Kelli also says, “Neenah currently has nine label and tag products that are certified as biobased under the USDA’S BioPreferred program. Ranging from 68%-99% biobased, these paper-based products can be great alternatives to their petroleum-based counterparts. Not only do these products enable less reliance on fossil fuels, but their performance stands up to film-based alternatives.”

Neenah’s focus on sustainability does not come at the expense of material performance. When used with Colordyne’s environmentally-friendly aqueous pigment inkjet technology, labels can achieve customer demands for high quality imagery, fine text, and durability on sustainable material. 

Knowledgeable Digital Print Partners

Colordyne’s tailored retrofitting approach is nicely complemented by the custom material offering from Neenah’s Industrial Solutions group. Identifying materials that perform well with Colordyne’s water-based pigment inkjet solutions allows us to better serve our customers and expand the applications they can produce. Together we evaluated Neenah’s Endura® Inkjet along with Neenah’s newest Kimdura® Inkjet and Kimdura® Inkjet Tag for labels that need to be durable and resistant to harsh environments. All materials listed are compatible with Colordyne’s 2800 Series AP – Retrofit and 3800 Series AP – Retrofit.

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