Cotton Plus Printing Hits the Ground Running with Colordyne’s 3600 Series Retrofit Platform

Cotton Plus Printing has invested in Colordyne Technologies 3600 Series Retrofit platform to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding custom label industry. Partnered with Kansas-based Styers Equipment Company, Colordyne and Styers installed the 3600 Series Retrofit, cementing Cotton Plus firmly into the world of digital printing.

Anticipating a growing need in the market for short run, cost efficient, custom label print jobs, Cotton Plus Printing made the strategic decision to retrofit their Mark Andy 2200 10-inch 6-color flexographic press to better meet current client needs while expanding their business into this new digital market.

“Short runs are becoming more common as the custom label and tag printing market grows,” said Mike Lundahl, president at Cotton Plus Printing. “Digital printing presses lend themselves to this market extremely well, and Colordyne Technologies solutions are undoubtedly the best options when it comes to high print quality, fast job production and low equipment cost.”

Lundahl explained he is now able to hand clients proofs within 15 minutes of receiving a file simply because the digital press eliminates the need for plates. “Changes to a proof can be made easily and without cost to the customer, nor do we have to worry about making and storing new plates to accommodate any changes,” he said.

Label converters everywhere are finding that digital retrofit upgrades — such as Colordyne’s 3600 Series Retrofit — are the ideal solution in today’s transitioning print market. Label converters like Cotton Plus can easily integrate full-color digital inkjet printing to existing flexographic presses, maximizing the 3600 Series to profitably augment and grow current CMYK printing activities. Delighting converters with its outstanding performance and price proposition, in addition to the 3600 Series ease-of-use, self-maintainability and scalability, this Retrofit platform is a multifaceted and powerful productivity tool, capable of meeting the needs of a wide variety of market and business environments.

With the addition of the 3600 Series Retrofit to their Mark Andy 2200 10-inch 6-color flexographic press, Cotton Plus has become even more nimble, allowing them to serve the digital custom label printing market in ways never before possible with the more traditional system. The variable data integration, full process CMYK plus spot color, and state-of-the-art color management software, Colordyne Technologies’ Retrofit platform creates a powerful and versatile printing tool.

“One of the most ideal features of Colordyne’s retrofit is that we were able to avoid setup expenses by printing small jobs digitally, while adding full color variable data in-line with our traditional analog processes,” Lundahl said. “Retrofitting our Mark Andy 2200 10-inch 6-color flexographic press gives us the flexibility we needed to make short runs more profitable. It also opened up new markets that were previously inaccessible to us because of their specialized needs.”

“The major barrier to breaking into these small run clients was the combination of cost, waste and time constraints,” Lundahl said. “We consistently encountered clients that were frustrated with the traditional printing industry, and knew that if we had a way to make short runs a viable solution, we could break into a whole new market. Having installed the 3600 Series Retrofit in October 2014, working with Colordyne has been and continues to be an excellent experience. They are knowledgeable, helpful, and always willing to troubleshoot right alongside our technicians. We couldn’t be happier.”

Since 1997, Cotton Plus Printing located in Elk Grove, California, has been printing labels and other print related material for a variety of large market industries. Servicing and supplying large and midsized run labels for nationwide, international and third party industries, Cotton Plus specializes in direct thermal transfer, multi-color label runs, and has recently expanded into the small-run custom label printing market.

Colordyne Technologies is a leading manufacturer of high speed, high resolution digital print solutions powered by Memjet technologies. Colordyne’s wide range of digital color platforms – from small desktop printers to complete, in-line finishing production presses – demonstrate Colordyne’s specialization in scalability of the industry’s most versatile products.