Digital label printing is a growing industry that’s attracting young people to the career field. It requires in-depth knowledge in computers, creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and a fundamental business background – all of which are being taught to Marissa Carini, thanks to Colordyne Technologies’ internship program.Marissa Carini, Intern

Carini, a junior at Miami University in Ohio studying Information Systems and Business Analytics, started her internship in May 2015. She spent last summer working primarily in the orders department, entering purchase orders, pulling inventory and shipping items to customers. Impressing leadership with her work ethic and overall positive attitude and performance, Carini was invited back to Colordyne during her winter break, working with the sales and marketing departments to analyze financial statements, past customer order and usage history to predict future sales.

“Working at Colordyne has really opened my mind to think more critically, and to use the resources and people available to come up with the best solution for both the customer and the company,” Carini said. “Working in an industry I had little experience in really pushed me to think of things in a different way than what I was taught in college.”

Carini’s experience is what Colordyne hopes its interns take away from their time with them.

“Our internship program is focused on imparting the skills and knowledge they’ll need for a career in our industry, as well as investing in the development of future employees,” said Andy Matter, 2600general manager, Colordyne Technologies. “In a fast-paced, growing business like ours, everyone, including the interns, are forced to be creative and develop problem-solving skills that will serve them well for many years to come.

Carini said her internship gave her an invaluable understanding of the digital label industry, as well as an appreciation of working in a dynamic rising company like Colordyne.

“At school, the idea of working for a very large accounting or financial company is something that is constantly advertised.  I always assumed that would be my future,” she said. “Colordyne Technologies has drastically changed my view on that. What I loved most about Colordyne is that I gained experience in every area of the company. It was well worth my time.”