Colordyne Technologies and Kao Collins’ Inkjet Collaboration Continues with a Focus on Sustainability

Colordyne Technologies, a leading manufacturer of digital inkjet print engines, and Kao Collins, Inc., a leading provider of ink formulations, continue their strategic partnership through the development of the 3800 Series WB – Retrofit, a new sustainable water-based mechanical piezo print engine for narrow web labels and packaging.

This joint development leverages the proven high quality performance of Colordyne’s 3800 Series engine design and that of Kao’s LUNAJET inks to create a new eco-friendly, water-based inkjet solution for digital printing on labels, flexible film packaging and other non-porous substrates.

water-based print engine
3800 Series WB – Retrofit Inkjet Print Engine Mounted on a Flexo Press

An Innovative Water-Based Inkjet Solution

The 3800 Series WB will utilize Kyocera mechanical piezo printhead technology to produce 600×600 dpi quality at speeds up to 300 fpm. Flexible in design, the new water-based print engine is offered in print width configurations ranging from 4.25 to 17 inches and supports up to 7 colors in the process direction. Colordyne’s 3800 Series WB engine is currently available as a retrofit solution that can be mounted onto an existing flexo press, turning it into a single pass hybrid printing and converting platform.

“Together, Colordyne and Kao Collins have created an innovative product to serve new markets and applications,” said Taylor Buckthorpe, Director of Sales and Marketing at Colordyne Technologies. “What makes our approach unique is the open conversation we have together with the customer. This allows us to understand the customer’s needs in-depth, so we can craft a solution that combines our custom digital print engine approach with Kao Collins’ tailored ink formulation. The end result is giving the customer’s digital business a competitive edge today and in the future.”

Leveraging LUNAJET Technology

LUNAJET is Kao Collins’ proprietary technology known as nanodispersion which increases pigment concentration so the ink can spread evenly over the surface, drop by drop. This process also reduces the amount of ink on the substrate’s surface, which allows for exceptionally fast drying and smooth, superior printing results with vibrant colors.

“LUNAJET is the first water-based, pigmented inkjet ink of its kind,” said Chris Rogers, Vice President of Kao Collins. “We take a customized and consultative approach to developing our inkjet ink solutions. Working with Colordyne allows us to combine our innovative products to provide digital print engines and inkjet ink sets that are designed for each customer’s specific printing needs. This allows both of our companies to offer greater value to every customer we serve with this technology.”

In addition to being safe for food packaging, the eco-friendly LUNAJET ink releases extremely low amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions, which significantly lowers its impact on workspaces and the environment. LUNAJET’s advantages make it the best ink option for industrial printers of food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging.

Would You Like More Information?

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