Colordyne Technologies and Neenah Industrial Solutions Join Efforts

Recognizing that industry trends continue to shift at a rapid pace, Colordyne Technologies and Neenah Industrial Solutions partnered to deliver high quality solutions for digital print production. Both companies recently sat down to discuss why it is important to keep up the pace with advancing digital print technology.

Can companies make the transition to digital at their own pace or even convert analog equipment to keep up with modern market demands?

The answer is yes. Read this interview with Colordyne’s Director of Marketing to learn more about:

  • The benefits of implementing digital print in your business.
  • How Neenah and Colordyne’s partnership offers tailored solutions for customers.
  • Key trends driving digital as a method for sustainable printing including eliminating plates, reducing discarded inventory and consumer preferences. 

Your Knowledge Partners for Digital Print

With the goal of delivering superior performance, we develop strong commercial partnerships with leading industry providers. Neenah Industrial Solutions is a perfect example. We work together to identify substrates that are compatible with Colordyne’s aqueous pigment inkjet technology to make them available to our customers. Identifying materials that perform well with our digital inkjet technologies allows us to better serve our customers and expand the applications they can produce.

Fast, Flexible, Versatile and Sustainable

Colordyne and Neenah understand what customers need in order to achieve their goals. We know that market demands for flexibility, quick turnarounds, personalization and eco-friendly products will only continue to rise. So, we continuously test materials on Colordyne’s aqueous pigment retrofits to make them rapidly available for our customers.

We are currently testing the following materials: 

  • Kimdura® Label and Tag for harsh environments
  • Endura® Inkjet to satisfy requests for durable label solutions

If you are interested in seeing what printed labels look like on Neenah’s materials using Colordyne’s aqueous pigment technology, contact us today to request your free sample kit.

Neenah Samples

Empowering Businesses with
the Latest Inkjet Printing Technology

Colordyne focuses on creating opportunities for customers to start, transition and successfully operate their print business with the latest inkjet technology. The scalability of Colordyne’s aqueous pigment inkjet technology allows us to grow with our customers. As their business and print production needs change, Colordyne offers the right product to satisfy those needs.


Looking for more information or not sure where to get started on your digital journey? Get in touch with us, one of our team members would be happy to assist you.