Hybrid Printing For Narrow Web Label Production

There’s a lot of discussion around hybrid printing for label and packaging production. When implemented properly, this technology can help you create a more flexible and responsive production environment. If you aren’t sure where to start or want to learn more about this technology, download our free ebook.

In this Guide to Hybrid Printing for Narrow-Web Label Production you will learn:

  • How the hybrid printing process works
  • How to use hybrid production to increase throughput
  • How you can turn your existing flexo press into a hybrid work-center

Print Variable Data and Graphics with Digital

Print Static Images and Text with Flexo

Finish Labels as Desire

The Time is Now

With the changing print landscape, incorporating a hybrid press into your converting operations can be the key to future success. The powerful hybrid combination of Colordyne’s inkjet technology with a flexo press allows label converters to choose the most cost-effective asset for each part of the job being produced. Contact us today to learn how you can create greater profitability on each job with a hybrid press.

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