1600 Series S (Sheet Format)

Add vibrant color and sharp, eye-catching images to your envelopes, documents, and promotional materials with the Colordyne 1600 Series Sheet printer.  This printer enables your company to add personalisation and promote your brand image in full color across all of your printed materials.

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” We were using another company’s printer for envelopes, and the cost of consumables was extremely high. The Colordyne, on the other hand, was much more cost efficient, and the quality was great, especially for the size of the machine. Instead of using a fuser to fuse toner on, ink droplets fall down,and when the paper comes out the other end, it’s completely dry.

Devin Godfrey, Dartmouth College Printing and Mailing Services (DPMS)

Add Vibrant Color to Your Documents, Promotional Materials, Envelopes, Labels & Tags

With Colordyne 1600 printers, print-on-demand applications become more efficient, accurate, and cost effective. Digital color printing allows you to reduce pre-printed inventories – lowering costs, waste and obsolescence – that take up space in the warehouse. Over buying for “just in case” situations is also minimized. In one step, add color to your tags and labels, integrate variable data, and print only what you need, only when you need it.

Designed for personalisation and branding back office documents, envelope messaging, and promotional material printing. Now add color to business documents and forms, create trans-promotional materials in-house. Perfect for print shops, colleges and universities, direct mail houses, and consumer product goods companies.

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Become the Leader in Production
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